About us.

Kate & Alan

We are a husband and wife team living in the rural west of Ireland. We are crazy about growing food, for both ourselves and our local community.

We grow all our produce using organic, no dig and regenerative agriculture methods. We don't ever use any artificial fertilisers or pesticides on our crops. We deal with pest problems on our crops by encouraging the pests natural predators.

We love to imagine a world where people either grow there own food or buy it from local sustainable sources, like ourselves. Where large scale monoculture farms are a thing of the past. With communities coming together and supporting themselves and in doing so lowering everyones impact on the environment.


2021 will bring our new veg boxes

This year we aim to be able to supply a number of veg boxes to our local community when the veg has grown.

All our fresh veg is grown on our farm using no-dig, organic methods, without the use of any pesticides or artificial fertilisers. All the produce in the boxes will be picked just hours or even minutes before you receive them, ensuring you get the freshest seasonal vegetables possible. We don't ever buy in produce for sale so you will know that every item is locally and 100% naturally grown

We will put up a list on this site and on social media letting you know what produce we have available that week and you can choose what you want from the list, while stocks last. After we put the list up just message us with what produce you would like in your box.

Our gate stall will be back

Our gate stall will be back this year.

We are currently in the process of redesigning the stall to make the produce easier to see and access.

Willow workshops will hopefully return

We are hopeful that later in 2021 the current pandemic will have eased enough for us to resume our willow basket courses